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Questions and Answers

After the halvening, which crypto do you think will give you more gains, Bitcoin or Ethereum? What makes you think that?

How is the coronavirus affecting trades?

Are there serious, profitable traders who use/prefer web-based over desktop platforms?

Can a layman use smart contracts and dApps?

My earnings from investing in bitcoin were set up in an account by the trading company. The bank is requesting a fee to transfer . This fee is expensive. How should I handle this?

If the outbreak of coronavirus propels more people to store value in bitcoin why are we not seeing the price increase as the virus continues to spread?

What degree of concern should we have with stock market futures (Bloomberg) when they indicate a significant drop?

What Artificial Intelligence systems are being used to trade on the stock market?

How are the Fintechs going to influence the cryptocurrencies's trading? Will it become somehow easier to predict or to be more protected from big shifts if you have the right Fin …

What is the difference between hold and HODL?

Is the outbreak of the Corona virus going to affect the price of Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies?

Does an algo trading system lose its efficiency if it's shared on the internet and a lot of people start using it?

Have you any study or opinion about the environmental impact caused by the Internet and some activities like mining cryptocurrencies?

Is it possible to build a blockchain-based operating system in desktop and mobile, or is someone already making one?

Which cryptocurrencies can be mined and which cannot be mined?

How do I make self-executable a program like Smart Contract?

Which cryptocurrencies can achieve the biggest returns just because of the notoriety in the upcoming bull run?

What is a decentralized technology platform application that actually works/looks realistic, and is better than centralized alternatives (including early adopter ones)?

Where can I do Bitcoin futures trading?

Do you think cryptocurrency is the future of the economy? To what extent should we trust Bitcoin and Blockchain?

Is it worth HODL to Bitcoin worth 0.001?

Why, as soon as the economy trembles due to a deadly virus or something, the idea of a virtual currency as a safe haven returns?

How common is it for people to lose a lot of money investing in cryptocurrency?

Is it possible to apply fundamental analysis to cryptocurrency forex trading?

Is there a downside to holding your emergency fund in a stable coin like USDC, TUSD, etc with NEXO or Celsius Network? As far as I understand your investment is insured and you are guaranteed about 8% return on your holdings.

What’s the state of privacy focused cryptocurrencies? How private are they actually?

A new report shows that 60% of Bitcoins haven’t moved for more than a year. If money is supposed to be a medium of exchange, and facilitate trade and commerce shouldn't we expect to see ...?

What is the minimum forex trading capital to start trading standard lots?

How are crypto projects that have teams decentralized? Doesn't centralization defeat the primary value added from a cryptocurrency?

Do you think the FinTech space is overhyped?

How has technology improved Forex trading?

What cryptocurrency manages instant transactions with true decentralization?

Why is Tezos tanking when it was hyped to be the next Ethereum?

Which skills should I develop to be a successful trader?

What are the risks with commission-free trading?

Is it hard to do transactions with cryptocoins stored in a hardware wallet? Are there any disadvantages using a hardware wallet?

Is working in Silicon Valley overrated?

If you're holding a cryptocurrency or token in a wallet (myetherwallet), is that representing for the amount held at the exchange?

Do Bitcoin exchange arbitrage opportunities still exist?

What is a non-obvious difference between crypto (Bitcoin) and stocks (equities) that has an impact on price?

Which cryptocurrencies have low volume and high volatility?

Why are so many digital currency players anonymous?

Can you create your own crypto in Ethereum?

Is it inevitable that crypto is banned internationally?

Has Facebook delayed Lybra (cryptocurrency) by launching Facebook Pay?

Why does it seem people lose money in crypto hacks and thefts pretty routinely, yet it doesn't seem to happen in regulated US exchanges for stocks, futures, etc.?

Is cryptocurrency simply a 'greater fools' market (that is, someone buying something of no real use or value in the hope an even bigger fool will buy at an increased price)?

: Do the rules of technical analysis apply to cryptocurrency?

What can blockchain do that normal database systems won't?

How does blockchain work? How can I write a contract and add my machine into a global blockchain system? What are some examples of blockchain systems ...?

How could cryptocurrency be the solution for hyperinflation?

Are free-crypto signals on to be trusted on Telegram when making a trade?

What are the proofs that Bitcoin is significantly centralized?

For the U.S. dollar to survive, will it eventually have to be backed by Bitcoin or some other cryptocurrency in some way?

Is the BC Vault the most secure way to store Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for the long term?

Why is my blockchain transaction taking so long?

What problems have you had opening and purchasing cryptocurrency using Kraken?

How are bitcoin transactions traced?










When you build an app on Ethereum, do users have to pay the blockchain in Ether every time they transact, even if the app has its own tokens? [layman]