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Volatility charts - Foreign Exchange

Download :      fx-vol-chrtd - demo version ||| free      and      fx-vol-chrt - standard (live) version ||| US$49 / month

Before running the program: Register for the use.
After registration the user of the standard (live) version has to Login & select product and submit payment information.

     fx-vol-chrt     fx-vol-chrt - txt     fx-vol-chrt - gui

1. Basics

Foreign Exchange is a financial market composed of several categories including - currencies, metals, commodities, indexes, bonds.

The Volatility charts program receives information from a real time data collection system, analyzes the information and selects the items with the highest volatility for a period of time.

Volatility is the frequent change from low to high - it can be considered either as a friend or as an enemy of the trader. Used in the right way volatility allows the trader to make the highest gains with the lowest leverage.

2. Features

The ForEx Volatility charts are delivered by a program running on 3 desktop platforms:
- Windows - runs on Windows 7 and later
- Mac OS X - runs on OS X 10.11 and later
- Linux - runs on 64bit Ubuntu 18.04 (or 2018 distro release) and later

When started the program runs into 2 screens -
- text screen - allows change of view and settings
- graphical screen - shows the movement through time of the highest volatility items

While the data collection system is capable of collecting information much faster the charts are composed of data points in 1 minute intervals.

The user has the choice of:
- selecting display in UTC time or local time
- selecting the top volatile items in an individual category (for ex. top in currencies), or the top one of all categories
- selecting the top - 3, 5, or 8 items
- selecting the time period displayed - last 6, 12, 24, or 48 hours
- saving of the current chart image to an image file

The charts allow interactivity and feedback in the form of mouse actions over the chart
- temporary show of the percentage / % (on vertical axis) and time / HR:MN (horizontal axis)
- removing items (chart lines) from display one by one
- adding permanent marks on the chart with -> [number] [percentage] [time]; the [number] increases sequentially with every new new mark and allows referencing in the image
- dragging (horizontal axis movement) - allows scrolling left/right through time
- saving the chart and the added marks as an image file

3. Price and Download

The ForEx Volatility charts have a demo (free) version and a standard (paid) version.

- the demo version uses a sample of real previous data recorded in the past. It is intended as a way of the user to get familiar and have hands-on experience - free

- the standard version continuously downloads and displays real time data - US$49 / month

Both versions are available for download at these links:      fx-vol-chrtd - demo version      and      fx-vol-chrt - standard (live) version .

Each link points to a folder containing 3 separate .zip files for each of the operating system platforms - windows, mac-os-x, linux-x64

For details on the download, install, run and use please check - User's guide - Foreign Exchange volatility charts .

Before running the program the user has to - Register for the use.
At the registration the user puts their e-mail address , types a password, and obtains a 6 digit login token by e-mail.

The user has to submit payment information when registering of the standard (live) version.