Automated Cryptocurrency Trading

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Charts services - details

1. Period covered, update frequency, sample timing

period covered - it is the length of time from beginning to the end of the chart
update frequency - when new file is generated for the period covered
sample timing - the time from one dot on the chart to the next
files generated - number of new files available for viewing, per day for one symbol

   period covered       6hours         24hrs/1day        7days
   update frequency  every 30mins   every 2hrs   every 8hrs
   sample timing       10s/dot         1min/dot        5mins/dot
   files generated        48/day         12/day          3/day

A single symbol has 2 types of charts - absolute value and normalized value.
The total number of files generated for one symbol = (48 + 12 + 3) * 2 = 126 files / day.

Files generated for all symbols

      service             charts1     charts2
    numb.of symbols     4         19
    numb.of files         24         114

At any one time of access there are either 4symbols * 2types * 3periods = 24 , or 19symbols * 2types * 3periods = 114 charts visible for the user.

The size of each charts file depends on the number of exchanges which carry the specific symbol and vary from 100kb to 10mb.

2. Delivery of charts

The first step is to - register for cloud access .
PCloud is located in a country with very strict user privacy laws - Switzerland. In addition, by registering every user gets 10GB free file space.

After registering on PCloud, the next step is to - enroll in our products/services

Please use the same e-mail address when registering on PCloud and enrolling in our services. After enrolling a share request is sent to the user.
Please log-in to PCloud , go to click on 'shares' on the left side of screen, then select 'shared with me' tab , and push 'accept' button.
        accept share request
Alternatively an e-mail is sent to the user's address to accept the share.
        accept share e-mail
Charts can be viewed by clicking on a file, which will bring a dialog box to select to either save the file, or open it in a browser.
        accept share e-mail
Charts are large files with extraordinary details and may take several seconds to load.


bar chart - 24hours cumulative volume of cryptocurrency exchanges that we collect information from
        cumulative volume

text file - 24hours detailed volume on cryptocurrency exchanges that we collect information from