Automated Cryptocurrency Trading

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Is it a trading bot, what you offer?

(replaying in details to a frequently asked question)

1. Overview of bots offers

An article on 'mycryptopedia' online crypto-news site about trading bots tells about 6 offers of cryptocurrency trading bots.

4 of them are offered by businesses and require registration and submission of payment in order to start using the bot.

A few of these offers are 'gated communities' - requiring first registration in order to get details.

2 of them are open-sourced projects posted on github - require programming skills to build and start using the bot and may not be fully functional yet.

Some of the bot offers are not fully automated - the user has to specify parameters and then periodically adjust them.

Some of the projects emphasize on the technical analysis they do with the assumption that techniques from the traditional stock market still apply to the quite different cryptocurrencies markets.

2. What is it that we offer?

What we offer is not a bot but a suite of programs which operate together as an automated cryptocurrency trading system.

The user of the automated cryptocurrency trading system gets access to a 'user device' which is part of the system.

Initially our user registers on one or more of the exchanges that we trade on, gets API keys and supplies funding in the account.

After placing the API keys of the user to the 'user's device' it will starts trading - placing buy and sell orders.

The 'user's device' is personal - it does statistics of the executed trades and gains. The user can connect and get real time log info of the ongoing trades, funds in the different wallets, and current total of fiat amount.

3. Comparing our offer and bot offers


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