Automated Cryptocurrency Trading

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Notes on cryptocurrency exchanges (last updated on - 2018 09 03)

All crypto-exchanges:

- are registered and/or operate in a specific country - which may impose rules on the local exchanges;
- allow registration and trade for non-local/foreign persons
- the process of registration requires submitting documents - driver's license/national id card/passport, and utility bill/bank statement as proof of address;
- besides a fiat currency transfer, to start trading the user can do a deposit of cryptocurrency, then sell to convert to fiat

Individual exchanges:

   hitbtc   ,   livecoin   ,   bitfinex   ,   exmo   ,   bittrex   ,   ,   bithumb   ,   quoine   ,   kraken   ,   cryptopia   ,   kucoin   ,   binance   ,   poloniex

   hitbtc - website

   livecoin - website

   bitfinex - website
initial note - currently there is only one symbol used in trading; the exchange's api allows getting information of only 1 symbol every 2s; an alternative method for price quotes allows getting notifications when the price changes; we are in process of adding support for this way of price quotes and will be listing additional symbols for trading;

   exmo - website
initial note - the site quotes 1 price used in buy or sell; most other sites have 'spread' - difference between the price to buy and the price to sell;

   bittrex - website
initial note - starting Aug 2018 the exchange allows direct deposit from US bank account by authorized pull of funds through ACH transfer; - website
initial note - price quotes for the same symbol differ significantly from prices on other exchanges; one possible explanation is the US dollars to USDT (tether) exchange ratio; most other exchanges the ratio is close to 1:1, and on wex is it not;

   bithumb - website
initial note - trading in Korean won (KRW) fiat currency; the exchange is welcoming foreign traders; to start trading - deposit cryptocurrency and sell to get KRW;

   quoine - website
initial note - occasional erratic behavior of 'ticker' - price quote on some symbols;

   kraken - website
initial note - currently (Sep 2018) disabled for automatic trading; why?
the exchange places a limit on api calls for the reason of DoS (denial of service) attacks; most likely the real reason is not spending on infrastructure;
the result of an elaborate formula gives the timing as 1 api call in 7 or more seconds; non-compliant user of api is placed on 15 minutes 'temporary lockout';
however the exchange is not honoring even this promise - in our testing continuously doing 1 call per 20-40seconds still is resulting into 'lockout';
the automatic trading system keeps placing buy and sell calls, and checks the status of the trades and the funds into the wallet;
refusal to provide information during a trade is unacceptable - that's why automated trading on kraken is currently disabled;

   cryptopia - website

   kucoin - website

   binance - website

   poloniex - website