Automated Cryptocurrency Trading

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Interpreting crypto trading tips - what does it mean?!

We offer cryptocurrency trading tips on our Telegram channel. The platform offer access through a web browser or through an app on a mobile device.

The following image illustrates the flow of messages on a desktop browser on our Telegram channel named - 'crypto-trading-tips-chnl'.

All of the tips have timestamp based on UTC time. The tips on the image have the short/abbreviated time stamp which include - hour:minute:second . After every 8 tips there is a full time stamp which includes also year:month:day .

A message send at a specific time may have a single buy or seel tip or combine several buy and sell tips. The tip format includes -
  [cryptocurrency exchange]  -  ['cryptocurrency symbol in the exchange']     [Buy/Sell]    [=expected gain in %(Sell only)]

Comparing with the first image this image shows also a full timestamp, and a message which includes multiple buy & sell tips.

Given the examples in the above image we have got 2 tips to -
- buy of 'ETC_USD' symbol on 'exmo' exchange
- then, sell of 'ETC_USD' symbol on 'exmo' exchange; if the trades have been placed at the time of the tips the expected gain of this specific trade is 0.6%

Looking at the timestamps of the 2 tips we find that the time difference between the buy and sell tip is only 3 seconds.

Rapid transactions like this may be realized by an automated trading system which places orders on the specific exchange.

The flow of tips include transactions which happen over several minutes or tens of minutes. With such time periods it is possible to place a manual order and realize the specified gain.

The image above does not demonstrate a user interaction - as it will disrupt the flow of messages. We recommend sending a message to our bot - 'crypto-trading-tips-bot', typing a message and getting an automated replay from the bot. Or, you can join our group - 'crypto-trading-tips-grp' to interact with other users.

If not familiar with what we offer please check -
introduction to our telegram channel/group/bot

policy on our telegram channel/group/bot