Automated Cryptocurrency Trading

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Policy on our telegram channel/group/bot

If not familiar with what we offer please check - introduction to our telegram channel/group/bot

--- channel ---
Our telegram 'crypto-trading-tips-chnl' channel is for broadcasting of buy and sell tips only.
After subscribing users can only read messages.
Posting by users on this channel is not desirable as it disrupts the flow of tips.

--- group ---
Please subscribe to our telegram 'crypto-trading-tips-grp' group to interact with other subscribed users.

There are limits on the number of messages an user can post on the group. In general it takes 3-5s for an user
to type and send a message and about the same time to get a replay. That is why posting more than once per 10s by a
user will be considered spam and the user may be temporarily (for 60s) prevented from posting on the group.

Users can post on the group and to the bot preferably simple text messages only, without additional HTML formatting.
Posting of media (video,sound,voice,files, and links) messages is allowed, however should be used in moderation, in a
way it does not clutter the screen.

If the content of messages posted by a user are repeatedly offensive, non-tolerant, or irrelevant the user will be
first temporarily un-subscribed from the group or the bot, and then banned.

--- bot ---
You can post to our telegram bot - 'crypto-trading-tips-bot' for one on one automated interaction -
getting information about the purpose of the channel, group, bot, meaning and details of the tips, cryptocurrency
trading and access to support.

Other telegram bots are not allowed to subscribe to our telegram channel/group/bot and will be un-subscribed.
We value, appreciate and want to deal only with real live users.